The cult of one nutjob and his five "yes men", set on destroying Kamen Rider's credibility through improper subbing.


TVN in a nutshell.

Subbing, video "quality", and TakenokoEdit

The subs may as well have been translated from Japanese to English by a Ukrainian who doesn't understand English. You'd get almost the same results, but I'm sure the Ukrainian gentleman would use readable fonts. To ensure TV-N gets that quality seal they are well known for, they have to use over 20 different fonts. Granted, it may slow an episode release by a couple if days, at least it's wacky.

As for our encoding and video quality, look no further than the later episodes of Faiz or any episode of Blade. Forced aspect ratios look nice on a 4:3 Dell monitor from '98.

And finally, the man of the hour, master of disaster, translator hater, Takenoko. He was molested by simple Japanese phrases and honorifics when he was but a wee lad. Now he takes his vengeance out on the world by not translating them, leaving them and the audience confused.

=Kamen Rider General's opinionEdit