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Our protagonist. Note the rubber gloves and the S shirt.


Shigeru Jō: Kamen Rider Stronger. An american football player who had turned himself into a cyborg for the sake of Gorō Numata. He managed to avoid brainwashing somehow and escaped. He ended up with electricity conducting hands and an sweet alternative form based on a red and green Japanese Rhinocerous beetle. He uses electric shocks to attack.

Yuriko Misaki: Electro-Wave Human Tackle. A cyborg like Jo. She looks like a ladybug heroine. According to Kamen rider SPIRITS manga*, she had chosen to have a normal life instead of becoming a Kamen rider.

Gorō Numata: Jo's senior/best friend. He was murdered by the organization BLACK SATAN. Which was a restoration of SHOCKER.

Kamen Rider General's Opinion Edit


* Kamen Rider Spirits, Chapter 12: "Roaming Thunder Clap" (Part 2)