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Kamen Rider 555 (or Faiz if you're one of the cool kids) tells the story of Inui Takumi, a lone traveler who bumps into Mari Sonoda, manipulative bitch extraordinaire. It's okay though, the novel will straighten her out good n' proper. Anywho... She brings along a with her a gift from her father, and lord of the goat kaijin, the Faiz belt. In an attempt to defeat a monster called an "Orphenoc", the transformation fails (women can't be Riders, it's against the law), leaving her in a pinch. Takumi comes to the rescue and transforms into Faiz, kicking some major ass.

This show is certainly enough to make a nigga wanna jump.


Inui Takumi/Faiz - Masato Kusaka/Kaixa -

Kamen Rider General's opinionEdit

-Holy fucking shit this show is the bee's knees. Not that I think bees have knees, I actually thought they had something like very thing and flexible ligaments holding the joints together.

-This show's quality is beyond compare. Written by the legendary Toshiki Inoue. Faiz deconstructs the Japanese cultural phenomenon of misunderstanding and the toyetic nature of tokusatsu and rebuilds it into a truly affecting piece of television.

Quotes "Kusaka is the hottest man on the planet and is a far more likable person than that Inui Takumi guy." - Mari Sonoda

"Good heavens - look at the time!" - Masato Kusaka to Mari Sonoda